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A Face at the Window - Sarah Graves While I was aware of exactly what I was getting myself into with this book, I still have a great many objections to the "child in jeopardy" plotline. The lengths the author goes to in imperiling the child in question just to demonstrate the madness and evil of the villain are much too far over the top.

In addition, I am not fond of the switch from first person narration in the first ten books of the series to the third person limited Graves is now using. Ideally, as a series continues, the reader sees the growth and development of the main character(s). That is more difficult to show with a third person narrative (or at least it's not showing here). The switch also costs the reader in terms of empathy and understanding for the main character, and it feels as if the "child in jeopardy" plotline was inserted to make up for that loss.

Overall, the book was okay, and I'll keep it because I have the rest of the series, but I will definitely wait for paperback or a library copy of the next book rather than investing in a hardcover.