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Smoke and Mirrors  - Tanya Huff While I did enjoy the Vicky Nelson series and the first "Smoke and..." book with Tony Foster as the main character, I was surprised at just how blown away I was by this book. The characters are well-drawn, quirky enough to be engaging but not so quirky as to make relating to them difficult. The plot is an amazing new take on the old "group of people trying to survive in a haunted house until sunrise" and the twists and turns kept me turning pages until late in the night. In fact, the television show "Supernatural" borrowed the plot for an episode.

What delighted me the most about this book was Huff's extraordinarily skillful blending of horror and humor. Every page had something that made me start or wince or shiver, and almost every page had something that made me giggle. I've re-read this repeatedly, and it has lost none of its attraction for me. If you love to see clich├ęs skewered and like your horror laced with belly laughs, this is a book for you.