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Fitcher's Brides (Fairy Tale (Tor)) - Gregory Frost This is a truly amazing re-telling of "Bluebeard." Even though each one of the three sisters exemplifies a certain 'sin,' they are all well-rounded and interesting characters. Frost's choice of setting and time period added to the book's fascination, because the turn-of-the-century apocalyptic cults were certainly interesting. Frost also does a great job of using current events and literature of the time. Reading Fitcher's Brides made me look up Wieland or, the Transformation, an American Tale and decide that I need to read that one too. I'm also now tremendously curious about what Rev. Fitcher's throwaway reference to "what happened in Canandaigua" meant.

The prose was a little purple in spots, but the story of Bluebeard is a horror tale, and such demands slightly more florid writing. I read this in one day, unable to leave it for more than very short periods. It's a compelling and horrific modern retelling of a very creepy story.