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Dreadful Skin - Cherie Priest What can I say about a book which made me want to throw it across the room for the first third? Ms. Priest indulges in one of my least-favorite literary tricks, the "...and then I died" first person narrative, not from the point of view of one person, but from the point of view of three characters! If there is zero explanation for how a dead person is telling his story, then I don't want to read it.

The second part was a bit better, and I did like Ms. Priest's take on werewolves as monsters rather than as adorable, puppyish boy/men, but the final third of the story had the same problem as the first third, and the ending left the door a little too obviously open for a sequel.

Overall, I will chalk this up as a not-bad effort by an author who has clearly gotten much better since she wrote this.