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The Painted Girls: A Novel - Cathy Marie Buchanan Although this is a fictional account of the van Goethem sisters, it's realistic while being engaging. While some of the supporting characters are rather flat, the main characters are fully realized and I came to care what happens to them. Without descending too far into adolescent angst, the author nevertheless manages to convey the pains and joys of growing up. Without delving too far into grossness, Ms. Buchanan manages to convey the dangers and fears of a life lived on the ragged edge of poverty. And without crossing the line into erotica, the author manages to convey the joy of sex with a loved one and the shame of sex for money.

After reading this book, I am torn between wanting to know more about the van Goethem sisters, and wanting not to know, so I can imagine them in a happy old age, chortling together over cups of tea and surrounded by reminders of lives well lived.

This book was sent to me for review