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Radical - E.M. Kokie

This was a striking novel, less for the plot than for the author's ability to convey a point of view so entirely opposite to my own and make me empathize. I've read enough history to know that the folks colloquially known as "Preppers" are not necessarily crazy, but I am staunchly on the side of gun control. Kudos to the author for making me really understand and feel the fears of a main character who does believe that the American government wants to take away all guns. I am stunned and impressed with how very much I could identify with Bex, who is almost completely my opposite.

The story was compelling and the decisions Bex has to make are heart-wrenching but the whole novel is utterly believable. Bex and the people around her all exist somewhere in the here-and-now. An eye-opening and amazing novel.

A copy of this book was sent to me for an unbiased review.